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America's #1 makeup remover. Over 5 million sold.

Erase ALL makeup with JUST water!

reusable, machine washable, lasts 3-5 years.


#1 sustainable makeup remover in the world

erases waterproof mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, blush and more!

8 game changing benefits

✔ Antibacterial
✔ No chemicals
✔ Less waste
✔ Lasts 3-5 years
✔ Machine washable
✔ Great for sensitive skin
✔ Face + lip exfoliator
✔ Saves money
Did you know?

1.3 Billion Wipes Are Used Daily

Our mission is to save Mother Earth one LESS wipe at a time.

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Soak in warm water. Warmer the water, wetter the better! *Be sure to wash prior to first use to activate the fibers.

Erase & Exfoliate

Use the short fiber side to erase makeup in gentle circular motions. Then flip to long fiber side (side with tag) to exfoliate.


Hang to dry in between uses. Machine wash when needed with any load of laundry (approx. 1-2x a week). Dryer safe.

Water is the most essential element of life, coffee & makeup removal.

Lexi McCarthy | Founder

1 MUE = 3600 WIPES

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